Collection: Cat Home Decor

Are you a cat parent or just someone who loves collecting all things cat-themed? Are you searching for the perfect cat-themed decoration for your house? We have everything for meow lovers, from cat canvases and drawings to brighten your walls to cat bedding sets to give yourself the ultimate cat bed to cat furniture for your curious felines.

We are a group of cat lovers who design and make adorable cat products and cat merchandise for the home of cats: cat figurines, sculptures, rugs, wall art, and other types of cat-themed home decor! 

Cat decor for living room

Introduce the timeless beauty of Ancient Egypt to your home with this hand-painted vintage-style Egyptian cat sculpture. Or, add a little joy and charm to your living space with our 'Dancing Tray Cat' figurine.

If you want to add a bit of magical flair to your living room, check out the Magician Witch Cat wall hanging tapestry.

Cat decor for kitchen

Serve your meals on these Kawaii cartoon cat ceramic plates, and wow your guests with the absolutely adorable cartoon kitten printed on them.

Cat decor for bedroom

Looking for stylish and practical cat decor for the bedroom? Then check out our cat-themed bedding sets. They have everything from cat blankets to cat throw pillows and cushions.

Find the best cat-themed gifts for cat lovers here at Meowgicians!

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FAQs on Cat home decor:

How do you cat-proof your decorations?

Does your cat get its claws on all of your home decor? Are you afraid that it might knock down your brand-new cat sculpture? Here are some tips to totally cat-proof your decorations:

  1. The first tip is to train your cats/kittens. By teaching them the house rules, they’ll develop good habits and avoid causing trouble even when you’re not around to supervise them.
  2. Provide some designated scratching posts so that your cat won’t sharpen their claws on your curtains.
  3. Secure your decor so that your kitty won’t be able to knock it over. Museum wax, silly putty, and even hot glue are all solutions that can hold your belongings in place without damaging your furniture or your decor. Putting your valuables behind a glass panel is another surefire way of cat-proofing your decor.
  4. When redecorating your house, be sure to do it when your cat is not around. They have no understanding of decor, so to them, all the things you’re picking up, moving around, fluffing, etc., is just one giant game. Putting them in a designated cat zone is a good way to get your kitten out of the way before you start rearranging your furniture.

By following these tips, you can be safe knowing that your priceless vases or figurines aren’t at risk of being toppled over by a curious feline.

Do you have cat sculptures and figurines that serve a practical purpose?

Of course! The laughing cat key holder is both fun and functional! This figurine offers a whimsical way to store your keys, jewelry and other small valuables.

Or perhaps you’d want our White Egyptian-style cat sculpture pair, which adds some Ancient Egyptian flair to your bookshelf while doubling as sturdy bookends.

What about a cat sculpture that’s also a lamp?

We have you covered. This black cat decor statue also doubles as a lamp. Crafted with attention to detail, this cute cat lamp adds a touch of enchanting whimsy to any space.

It's the perfect combination of functionality and cuteness, making it a must-have for cat lovers and anyone who appreciates adorable home decor.

How about something that combines wall decor with cat furniture?

How about our wall-mounted cat-climbing ladder? Made with high-quality, eco-friendly wood, this ladder is lightweight and easy to install, making it a total hoot for cats and cat owners.

It can easily be mounted on any flat surface wall, and despite its lightweight, it is still very tough and durable. The perfect choice for cat parents who want to give their feline friends a a safe yet fun place to climb.

Is there something for the garden?

Naturally. This handmade solar-powered cat sculpture is sure to make your garden the talk of the town!

We've paid attention to every tiny detail, from the lifelike fur texture to the butterfly that's just landed on her paw. The butterfly has a secret, too – it lights up at night, powered by the sun! 

Yep, while our kitty is out chasing butterflies during the day, she's storing up the sunshine, which transforms the butterfly on her paw into a breathtaking light show as dusk falls.