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Hit The Road With Our Stylish Cat Backpacks and Carriers! They’re Your Best Companion For Every Adventure With Your Cat!

Take your feline friend on a journey in style and comfort with our unique selection of cat carrier backpacks. Whether you're taking a quick trip to the grocery store or traveling abroad with your feline friend, our specialized travel cat backpacks and carriers combine style with great functionality, creating the most comfortable traveling experience for your pet.

Our range includes designs from the chic and subtle to the vibrant and playful, so you're bound to find your travel companion’s new favorite right here!

Cat Bubble Backpacks

Taking your cat out and about has just become a delightful and easy experience with our clear cat backpack. This high quality transparent cat backpack promises exceptional durability and comfort for your feline friend.

Check out our cat backpack with window, the Artistic capsule cat carrier. This cat dome backpack features a space shield so your kitty can peek out and observe the world while you're on the go. 

Cat Apron Carriers

Does your cat enjoy seeing the wider world but hates getting into a stuffy carrier? Then try our apron cat carriers! Designed to give your furry companion a front-seat view of the world in perfect comfort, these apron carriers are great for cat parents who prefer to keep a close eye on their feline friend.

Expandable Cat Carrier

Imagine a backpack cat carrier that can also expand into a safe yet comfortable cage. This expandable cat carrier has everything that the cat parent on the go needs. Its four mesh windows simultaneously provide breathability and viewing ports for your pet. If your cat needs sleeping space, the back of the bag can unfurl to reveal a collapsible mesh cage, turning it into a convenient sleeping bed.

Multi-purpose Cat Carrier

This multi-purpose cat carrier combines the functions of a handbag pet carrier with a pet bed. Your furry friend can take a nap in the bed, and when you're ready to go outside, you can simply fold up the bed to turn it into a convenient travel carrier.

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FAQs for Cat Backpacks & Travel Carriers:

Do vets recommend cat backpacks?

Many cat parents believe that cat backpacks are unsafe and cruel. After all, it can’t be all that comfortable cooped up inside someone’s bag. Some vets do, however, consider cat backpacks to be as safe as a standard pet carrier.

Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Like any cat carrier, some cats enjoy riding in cat backpacks and others hate them. Whether to use a cat backpack or a more traditional carrier is really a matter of personal preference.

Can these carriers fit cats of any size?

Generally, these cat carriers are recommended for small- or medium-sized cats. For better comfort when travelling, opt for a large cat backpack like the Large expandable cat carrier for travel.

How do I choose a cat backpack?

When finding the right backpack to carry your cat, there are some things to consider.

First, consider your cat's size. If the backpack is too big, your cat will slide around; if it's too small, it will be squished. You should always read the backpack descriptions carefully for dimensions and weight limits. If your kitten is a little on the heavy side, there are backpacks for large cats available, too.

Next, consider the backpack’s style. There are two types of cat backpacks: 

  • The soft-sided carrier: Made of a sturdy polyester, leather or heavy-duty canvas, this carrier has a big mesh window in the front and the side (sometimes called pockets) through which your kitty can view the world.
  • The bubble carrier: This hard-shell style, usually made from durable acrylic or plastic, has a round plastic bubble window in the front and ventilation holes on the sides.

Soft-sided carriers are good for shorter trips or walks around the park. If you want a sturdy cat adventure backpack, however, the bubble carrier is the better option as it is more durable and waterproof.

After choosing your style, you must lastly look at the safety conditions:

  • Examine how well the straps and enclosures are attached to the carrier.
  • Look for tight stitching and well-built strapping.
  • The zippers should always lock.
  • If your cat is a whiz at detaching Velcro, choose a carrier with buckle enclosures to avoid a runaway cat.
  • If your kitty is an escape artist, many backpacks have the additional security of an interior lock to which you can secure a cat collar or leash.

Follow these steps, and you’ll find the perfect backpack for you and your kitten!

Which cat carrier is best suited for which purpose?

A cat hiking backpack like our Breathable lightweight cat carrier is great for walks through the park or along the neighborhood walkways.

If you’re planning on trekking through the city in style, then look into our collection of luxury cat carriers for the best option for you. Our range includes the “Stylish Light-weight cat carrier with luxury touch,” the “Summer's vibe canvas cat shoulder carrier,” and the “Luxury designer cat shoulder bag.

For long-distance travelers, we recommend our “Large expandable cat carrier for travel” and “Cat Carrying Transparent Backpack.” These breathable cat carriers feature foldable backs, transforming them from travel cat backpacks to sleeping cages for your feline friend.

What’s your best cat carrier for winter?

Do you need to keep your cat warm during a winter trek? Then we recommend the “Multi-purpose Cat Carrier” and the “Lovely Warm Cat Carrier.” These carriers have super-soft and cozy plush/fleece interiors designed to keep your furry companion warm and comfortable during those cold winter nights.