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Are you looking for designer cat clothes that are stylish yet comfortable? Or are you just seeking the perfect cat sweater to keep your kitten warm during the winter?

Then look no further than our selection of cat outfits, where fashion meets function for your feline friend. 

Our range of cat apparel includes trendy yet affordable cat clothes and cute cat costumes. Whether you're looking for practical clothing for cats or just want to dress them up for a fun photo shoot, we've got you covered.

Streetwear cat clothes

Stay fashionable with our collection of streetwear-inspired cat vests and hoodies.

Be the envy of your friends with a stylish streetwear-inspired cat outfit. A playful design that keeps your cat warm while showing off its fashion sense.

Clothes for Sphynx cats

If you have a sphynx cat who wants to stand out, this leopard-print streetwear cat hoodie is made for them! Or turn your kitten into a trendsetter with this ‘Manic’ Harajuku streetwear cat hoodie, which looks just as cool and stylish as you. Dare to be different!

Cozy cat sweaters

Does your kitten need a sweater that’s both fashionable and functional? Then check out our range of cozy cat sweaters like this comfortable sweater made from the finest knitwear. For cat parents seeking the ultimate in holiday cat clothes, we have our stylish Christmas cat sweater. Or dress your kitty cat up like a reindeer with this adorable themed jumpsuit, combining the best in funny cat clothes and warm winter wear.

Kitty dress

Dress your little fur ball up like the glam princess she is with one of these purr-fectly fabulous striped cat dresses. With this cute cat dress, your kitten will be ready to strut her stuff and show off her whiskers in style! Meowza.

Shop our Clothes for Cats collection now and give your furry friend a wardrobe they'll love!

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FAQs on Cat Clothes:

Is it okay to dress your cat in clothes?

Our cat clothes are designed to keep your cat as comfortable as possible. However, you must observe your kitten’s behavior and reaction when wearing its outfit.

Some clothes and costumes can be restrictive and prevent cats from grooming or running or even make toileting difficult. Loose clothes may also get entangled in your cat’s fur, while tight clothes may restrict its breathing. 

If your cat displays symptoms of discomfort such as difficulty moving normally (including ‘freezing’), struggling to remove the costume or signs of anxiety such as panting, avoid dressing them up.

You should also check if an outfit has beads or buttons sewn onto it. If your cat is able to reach these small objects, it might start to bite them. This puts them at risk of swallowing or even choking on them!

Do cats need clothes to stay warm?

Most cats are quite self-sufficient and can rely on their fur to keep warm in the winter. However, hairless or thin-furred breeds such as the sphynx will need thick winter clothing since they cannot maintain enough body heat to keep warm.

How do I find the right clothing size for my cat?

Measuring your cat’s size is crucial when finding the perfect fit. Having a sizing chart at hand will help you accurately determine the right size of clothes for your cat based on its weight, length, and girth.

Small cat clothes are recommended for kittens or smaller breeds like the Munchkin or Singapura. Clothes that are too loose or too tight can cause discomfort or restrict movement. Therefore, it is crucial to choose comfortable cat clothes that fit snugly without being too tight.

On the other hand, large cat clothes made from strong, durable materials should be reserved for bigger breeds like the Maine Coon or the Bengal. Designer cat clothes made with sturdy, high-quality materials are a perfect fit for these breeds.

What is the best material for cat clothes?

We recommend getting breathable cat clothes made from soft yet sturdy fabric like the ones used in T-shirts for humans. Cheap, synthetic fabrics tend to be itchy, more constricting, and less breathable. They might even make a crinkly sound—which can scare your cat!

Cotton is easily the best material for cat clothes – it’s natural, breathable, versatile, and easily washed as well. Lightweight cotton clothes are great for cats living in hot and humid climates, keeping them cool while also protecting them from the sun.

It's also perfect for fluffy cats like Persians or Himalayans, as there’s no risk of their fur getting matted or tangled in the clothing.

Are there any cat-themed clothes for me to wear together with my stylishly-dressed kitty?

Of course! Explore our full range of stylish and trendy cat T-shirts for the purr-fect addition to any cat lover's wardrobe.

Or perhaps you’d want to match your kitten’s ‘Manic’ Harajuku streetwear cat hoodie with our whimsical Harajuku-inspired Kawaii black cat hoodie, complete with ears. Our collection of adorable cat hoodies ensures that you can cozy up with your feline friend in style.

For the ultimate in cat-themed winter wear, check out our range of cat sweaters and sweatshirts.